Events and Media

Here are some examples of Ann Oakley discussing her work

Interviews and discussions

Woman's Hour interview about the Barbara Wootton biography. A talk about Barbara Wootton's work on crime Women, social science and criminal justice: one woman's (forgotten) journey, Beyond the first 100 years: the past and future of women in society, Nuffield College, Oxford, 25 March 2011.

Woman's Hour interview about Ann Oakley's book Fracture.

A discussion with Tessa Blackstone and Margaretta Jolly about the Barbara Wootton biography The Wootton Effect, British Library, 16 November 2011.

Chrystal Macmillan Memorial Lecture, the University of Edinburgh: The invention of gender: social facts and imagined worlds.

Talking about her work on childbirth.

An interview for the pioneers of social science website. Contribution Sisterhood and after: an oral history of the women's liberation movement, British Library.

And see Tumblr Serious Ladies Looking Good.

Interview for UK Data Service project, the Pioneers of Qualitative Research (2013)

A small sociology of maternal memory: an interview with Ann Oakley (2017).

Writing fiction as a sociologist: an interview with Ann Oakley (2019).

Feminist histories, Feminist futures: an interview with Professor Ann Oakley (2021).